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READ(2)                       System Calls Manual                      READ(2)

       read, readn, write - read or write file

       #include <u.h>
       #include <libc.h>

       long read(int fd, void *buf, long nbytes)

       long readn(int fd, void *buf, long nbytes)

       long write(int fd, void *buf, long nbytes)

       Read  reads nbytes bytes of data from the offset in the file associated
       with fd into memory at buf.  The offset is advanced by  the  number  of
       bytes  read.   It is not guaranteed that all nbytes bytes will be read;
       for example if the file refers to the console, at most one line will be
       returned.   In  any event the number of characters read is returned.  A
       return value of 0 is conventionally interpreted as end of file.

       Readn is just like read, but does successive read  calls  until  nbytes
       have been read, or a read system call returns a non-positive count.

       Write  writes  nbytes bytes of data starting at buf to the file associ‐
       ated with fd at the file offset.  The offset is advanced by the  number
       of  bytes  written.   The  number of characters actually written is re‐
       turned.  It should be regarded as an error if this is not the  same  as


       intro(2), open(2), dup(2), pipe(2)

       These functions set errstr.