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MKCONF(1M)                                                          MKCONF(1M)

       mkconf - generate configuration tables


       Mkconf  examines  a  machine configuration table on its standard input.
       Its output is a pair of files l.s and c.c.  The first is  an  assembler
       program that represents the interrupt vectors located in low memory ad‐
       dresses; the second contains initialized  block  and  character  device
       switch tables.

       Input to mkconf is a sequence of lines.  The following describe devices
       on the machine:

            pc   (PC11)
            lp   (LP11)
            rf   (RS11)
            hs   (RS03/RS04)
            tc   (TU56)
            rk   (RK03/RK05)
            tm   (TU10)
            rp   (RP03)
            hp   (RP04/5/6)
            ht   (TU16)
            dc*  (DC11)
            kl*  (KL11/DL11-ABC)
            dl*  (DL11-E)
            dp*  (DP11)
            dn*  (DN11)
            dh*  (DH11)
            dhdm*     (DM11-BB)
            du*  (DU11)

       The devices marked with * may be preceded by a number telling how  many
       are  to  be included.  The console typewrite is automatically included;
       don't count it as part of the KL or DL specification.   Count  DN's  in
       units of 4 (1 system unit).

       The following lines are also accepted.

       root dev minor
            The specified block device (e.g.  hp) is used for the root.  minor
            is a decimal number giving the minor device.  This line  must  ap‐
            pear exactly once.

       swap dev minor
            The specified block device is used for swapping.  If not given the
            root is used.

       pipe dev minor
            The specified block device is used to store pipes.  If  not  given
            the root is used.

       swplo number

       nswap number
            Sets the origin (block number) and size of the area used for swap‐
            ping.  By default, the not very useful numbers 4000 and 872.

       pack Include the packet driver.  By default it is left out.

       mpx  Include the multiplexor driver.  By default it is left out.

       l.s, c.c  output files

       `Setting up Unix', in Volume 2.

       The set of devices it knows about, the set of drivers included, and the
       set of devices on the machine are mutually incomparable.  Some handwork
       is certain to be necessary.  Because of floating vectors that may  have
       been missed, It is mandatory to check the l.s file to make sure it cor‐
       responds with reality.