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OD(1)                       General Commands Manual                      OD(1)

       od  -  octal dump

       od [ -bcdox ] [ file ] [ [ + ]offset[ . ][ b ] ]

       Od dumps file in one or more formats as selected by the first argument.
       If the first argument is missing, -o is default.  The meanings  of  the
       format argument characters are:

       b  Interpret bytes in octal.

       c  Interpret  bytes in ASCII.  Certain non-graphic characters appear as
          C  escapes:  null=\0,  backspace=\b,  formfeed=\f,  newline=\n,  re‐
          turn=\r, tab=\t; others appear as 3-digit octal numbers.

       d  Interpret words in decimal.

       o  Interpret words in octal.

       x  Interpret words in hex.

       The file argument specifies which file is to be dumped.  If no file ar‐
       gument is specified, the standard input is used.

       The offset argument specifies the offset in the file where  dumping  is
       to commence.  This argument is normally interpreted as octal bytes.  If
       `.' is appended, the offset is interpreted in decimal.  If `b'  is  ap‐
       pended,  the offset is interpreted in blocks of 512 bytes.  If the file
       argument is omitted, the offset argument must be preceded `+'.

       Dumping continues until end-of-file.