term% ls -F
term% cat index.txt
PUBINDEX(1)                 General Commands Manual                PUBINDEX(1)

       pubindex - make inverted bibliographic index

       pubindex [ file ] ...

       Pubindex  makes  a  hashed inverted index to the named files for use by
       refer(1).  The files  contain  bibliographic  references  separated  by
       blank  lines.  A bibliographic reference is a set of lines that contain
       bibliographic information fields.  Each field starts on a  line  begin‐
       ning  with  a  `%',  followed by a key-letter, followed by a blank, and
       followed by the contents of the field, which continues until  the  next
       line  starting  with  `%'.   The most common key-letters and the corre‐
       sponding fields are:

              A    Author name
              B    Title of book containing article referenced
              C    City
              D    Date
              d    Alternate date
              E    Editor of book containing article referenced
              G    Government (CFSTI) order number
              I    Issuer (publisher)
              J    Journal
              K    Other keywords to use in locating reference
              M    Technical memorandum number
              N    Issue number within volume
              O    Other commentary to be printed at end of reference
              P    Page numbers
              R    Report number
              r    Alternate report number
              T    Title of article, book, etc.
              V    Volume number
              X    Commentary unused by pubindex

       Except for `A', each field should only be given  once.   Only  relevant
       fields should be supplied.  An example is:

              %T 5-by-5 Palindromic Word Squares
              %A M. D. McIlroy
              %J Word Ways
              %V 9
              %P 199-202
              %D 1976

       x.ia, x.ib, x.ic where x is the first argument.


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